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Is Your Texas Business In Dispute Over Employment Taxes?

Are you a Texas business owner who has been accused of failure to report payroll taxes — and facing investigation and possible litigation to resolve a dispute stemming from a tax violation?

Is the IRS and/or Texas Workforce Commission claiming that you have wrongfully treated an employee as an independent contractor?

You can contact attorney James D. Runzheimer immediately if you are an employer who has been charged with failure to pay federal payroll, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment taxes, and trust fund liability and Texas payroll taxes. Mr. Runzheimer handles a broad range of federal and state, income, sales and use taxes, and multi-state taxation matters.

Additionally, you may bear responsibility for substantial back tax liability, penalties and interest. As your employment tax dispute lawyer, James D. Runzheimer puts his more than four decades of experience with the urgent issues on your side. He is a skillful negotiator with IRS agents and officials. You can be assured that the products of his detailed investigation and attentive advocacy will thoroughly protect your rights.

Ready To Take On The State And Federal Governments

To confidentially discuss legal strategies for avoiding or reducing serious consequences of a business tax controversy investigated by the Internal Revenue Service, and/or Texas Workforce Commission, call Mr. Runzheimer in Arlington at 817-264-7715   to schedule an initial consultation. We also respond promptly to all email messages.