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Establish And Protect Your Copyrights With Arlington Attorney James D. Runzheimer

Are you in need of astute legal guidance toward the establishing of a copyright or aggressive defense of a copyright being infringed upon by a business competitor? In Texas and throughout the U.S., you have an exclusive right to the unique, original work you produce when you put it into a tangible form — a book, photograph, musical composition, computer program or movie, just to name a few. Your work automatically gains federal copyright protection upon production.

As your lawyer, James D. Runzheimer at the Arlington office of James Runzheimer, Attorney, uses over 40 years of experience to help you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect it from unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution. Find out how he can help you protect your copyrights.

How Do You Know If It Is Copyright Infringement?

Did another party use your work without your permission? You can take legal action in these types of situations:

  • Someone put your work online where it is visible and accessible to others
  • Your music or other sound recordings were downloaded and used without your permission
  • Another party plagiarized your work and claimed it as their own

These are only a few examples. Contact the firm if you have questions about your circumstances.

The Experienced Texas Business Law Attorney Who Protects You Against Copyright Infringement

Contact us today by calling 817-264-7715   or staying online to send an email message. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your legal issues, at length and in confidence, during your initial consultation.