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Working Hard To Ensure Your Texas Company’s Cyber Security

Has your Texas business been the victim of repeated “hacking” and cyber attacks by a competitor?

The corporate law and intellectual property attorney who aggressively protects your rights — and the daily operations of your business — is James D. Runzheimer in Arlington.

At the law office of James Runzheimer, Attorney, clients receive the benefits of our skilled lawyer’s knowledge of cyber security, advanced technology and methods of combating forces that would undermine your business goals. .

Mr. Runzheimer can proactively advise you on concerns that include:

  • Data breaches
  • Data protection and retention
  • Government cyber security requirements at regulatory and policy levels
  • Security systems and procedures
  • Infrastructure protection

Your ongoing cyber security issues are important to us. Contact us in Arlington today to arrange an initial consultation with James D. Runzheimer. Call 817-264-7715    or stay online to leave an email message.