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Experienced Intellectual Property Attorney in Arlington

Intellectual property consists of unique products, and ideas for products and services, created by the human mind.

The creativity element distinguishes it from personal, intangible or real property. Protecting intellectual property is different from protecting other assets. When handling intellectual property, attorneys must consider how to preserve the value of concepts, designs, ideas and innovations — rather than merely tangible items.

At the law office of James Runzheimer, Attorney, our firm’s founder has over 40 years of experience maintaining the value of slogans, branding and business secrets through:

In addition to benefiting from Jim’s legal expertise, sound counsel and creative strategies that protect your rights, clients receive attentive personal service that puts your legal needs first. He is a skilled lawyer who is open to your ideas, responsive to your questions and comforting for your concerns.

Contact us in Arlington today by calling 817-264-7715   or staying online to send an email message. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your legal issues, at length and in confidence, during your initial consultation.