4 challenges of business partnerships

On Behalf of | May 4, 2023 | BUSINESS & COMMERCIAL LAW - Business Formation & Planning

As you may be well aware, every business has its challenges. A challenge just means something to overcome, right?

You could resolve some challenges by starting a business partnership — but you need to be careful. Starting a new partnership also means introducing new challenges into the mix. Here are some challenges you may need to prepare for:

1. Keeping constant communication

Communication is essential in a business partnership. You and your partner should keep constant communication. This could occur during weekly meetings and checkups or through emails and texts. But, once communication starts falling apart, so does the business. Communication issues do occur, especially after a long, hard week. You should reestablish strong communication when it starts to fall apart.

2. Establishing boundaries 

There can be some strain with a business partnership after partners become close friends. It may be harder to set firm goals and deadlines or make a partner accountable for their actions after you get to know them better. On one hand, you may understand your business partner’s strengths and weaknesses after getting to know them. But, on the other hand, you or your partner may take issues personally if you don’t establish boundaries

3. Staying financially equal 

Not every partnership is equal. One partner may be willing to invest more into the structure of a business than the other. If the other partner isn’t able to provide the same financial commitment, then are they valued the same? Will this financial equality lead to future difficulties?  

4. Balancing management styles

Having different management styles isn’t inherently bad. One partner’s management style may be a good dynamic for the other. For example, one partner may be strict and keeps employees in line, while the other is relaxed and keeps employee motivation up. But, if there’s an imbalance or conflicting styles, then a business may suffer from it.

If you’re starting a business partnership, you may need to consider what legal options you have to ensure your business doesn’t suffer from overwhelming challenges.